Why I love Thailand?

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Thailand is the place that everyone would like to visit and enjoy the holidays here. I lived in Thailand for more than 20 years now and I could never imagine myself to move to another country permanently. So, I think I would like to share you 3 reasons why I love "Thailand" and some of my Bangkok Travel Guide.

Reasons why I love Thailand: 

  • You can go to the mountains, the beach, the city & nightlife, luxury or cheap here in Thailand without breaking your wallet. Well, even though you love luxury and expensive, you will be fine with the life balance here since you can still live great for 10$ per day.
  • The people are friendly! If you look at someone, they will automatically smile to you back. Thailand people are very friendly, kind and willing to help you anyhow.
  • If you love adventure, you will love this country! More than exploring the city, you can also go to the place (Ancient city) in the picture above. This place is not far from Bangkok and it cost only 10-12 dollars to get inside.

There are more reasons why I love Thailand and words can't really explain all the feelings. I think you might have to come to visit here one day and comment below what you think? ;)

First Time Bangkok Travel Tips 

If you have planned to come to visit Bangkok for the first time or solo to Bangkok for the first time, don't worry. You are not the only one! Here in Bangkok has many save Hostel or Hotels that you can choose for your safety (Especially Female solo traveller) But what you should prepare first?

  • Set your budget: Bangkok is not so expensive but every time you go out, you might find yourself spending more than what you expected because everything is cheap and you don't mind to spend it.
  • Choose your accommodation: You can find super cheap Airbnb at the luxury condo. The one that I found was 20 dollars for 3 nights and I was so happy that I found this place. (Chapter one eco condo)
  • How to get around Bangkok: There are so many choices for you to choose the transportations from the cheapest to the expensive ones such as Luxury Grab choice.

Bangkok is such a fun city for you to explore and if you are travel alone, you will find some friends quickly by just hanging out in the city centre. Have fun with the new experience and Enjoy.

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