Visiting Famous TV Show Locations is a New Type of Pilgrimage

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Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many such online streaming websites have made it easy for people to watch their favorite shows which were first available only on the Television. Shows like Friends, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother and others are available to stream all over the globe. This has created a large fan following of these shows across the world. Characters in these shows either resonate with you in real life or show an imaginary life that you would want to live. This has started a new trend of tourism where fans of these shows travel to the TV locations and try to experience the life of their favorite characters.

This trend is not only limited to TV shows but also applies to movie franchises which have a mass following. The locations of these TV shows and movies are all around the world in different countries. This has helped those countries increase their revenue by providing tours to these locations. The most popular TV locations that people are interested in are:

· New York City for Friends, Gossip Girl, Sex and The City, to name a few.

· Toronto for True Blood.

· Northern Ireland and Croatia for Game of Thrones

· English Countryside for Downtown Abbey

These are very few of the TV locations but there are other locations for movies that people are interested in visiting. This travel tourism trend is not only beneficial for the shows as they do increase their popularity but also beneficial for the local business of these locations. Many of the hotels, cafes, and restaurants have packages to offer for these fans so that they can increase their sales all the while making the experience of the fans more comfortable.

One such company offering Gossip Girl sites tour, in New York City is Gossip Girl Tour NYC which takes the ardent followers of the show on a tour of all the popular spots from the show. They have different tour packages like Express Gossip Girl pedicab tour, VIP and Platinum Gossip Girl pedicab tour. All these tours differ based on the duration, the spots they cover and their pricing. In addition to Gossip Girl, they also offer a Sex and The City tour for the show fanatics. Get in touch with Gossip Girl Tour to book your tour with them next time you are in NYC!

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