Things you should know before traveling Qatar

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No matter where you go, respecting local customs and laws is essential. Before you head to Qatar, there are a few things you should know before your first trip to Doha. For that reason, I have put together some practical tips I wish I knew before travelling to Doha. You also should consider about Qatar visa requirements.

1. Extreme temperatures in Doha

Doha is hot as heck, especially during the summer months when temperatures are routinely around 50°C. During my visit in June temperatures were up at 43-47°C and not one cloud in the sky.

2. Dress code in Doha

Qatar is a Muslim country and there is a certain expectation on dress code for both Qataris and foreigners. Local Qatari women are seen everywhere wearing abayas and local men wearing long sleeve, ankle-long white thawbs. The general rule for foreigners is to dress modest and not show too much skin in public places.

3. Ramadan in Doha

If you travel to Doha during the month of Ramadan, there are a couple of essential things to know. First and foremost, eating and drinking in public places from sun up to sun down is not allowed. Secondly, all shops, supermarkets, coffee shops and restaurants are closed during the day.

4. Getting around in Doha

Car is king in Doha. The absence of public transport means that getting from one place to another mostly involves jumping in a taxi or Uber. Or renting a car. There is however, a public bus service throughout most neighbourhoods in Doha.

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