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Summer's over, back to work but still with great memories of the asian trip in Singapore and Malaysia.

We arrived in Singapore through London on a 13h flight with BAirways and we got stright into Singapore crowds and excitement. The Changi airport is one of , if not THE, best airport in the world and right after we got our luggage we went to see the famous indoor waterfall inside the airport, crazy wonderful. After about a 30min taxi drive we ot to our hotel in chinatown (Singapore finest hotel are quite expensive) and after a quick change we were ready to go to ahve a quick look of the bay area.

Day 1: we wandered around chinatown for a bit, we got to see the Sri Mariamman Temple , taste some chinese food (asian chinese, not quite what we have in italy) and then we went to Little India, a really colorful and hectic part of the city, in development but yet still full of iconic buildings , temple and locals selling their goods. We had lunch in an indian restaurant endorsed by the Lonely Planet and was soo good, just be careful of how much spicy you want your food, they do not joke around. #flamin'

After lunch we headed to the Bay Area again, to explore it with sunlight and trying to appreciate it the most. We waled near the marina bay sands, on the 'dna' bridge and then we went in the Gardens by the Bay, an enormous garden built for the expo and then kept as an attraction for tourist and local. The entrance is free of charge, you have to get the ticket to come specifica attraction like the flower dome or the rainforest dome, ecosystem rebuilt inside a trasparent dome with all kinds of information about it, really a great experience. We stayed till late evening to see the light and music show of the Tree Groove (similar to our tree of life for expo but larger, better and still really active). It is at fixed time depending of the months and is surely worth , also free of charge. After that we went to the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands, the big hotel near the bay, (you have to buy an admission ticket) to see the city AND the gardens from high up, really great view: the skyline of the business blocks was completely lighted up and in contrast with the more distant part of the city or the garden which is illuminated only on the pathway.

Day 2: i might be confusing when we did what we did but nevermind. Because we had to leave that day we wanted to go again to the gardens to go on the Skywalk , a long bridge inbetween the fake trees at about 30m from the ground but unfortunately 1day a month is closed due to maintenance and guess what, that was the day. We were a bit upset but we knew that coming back from malaysia we were leaving from SIngapore and so we had another half day in the city. We visited the flower fantasies attraction in the gardens which come with a 4d movie from a dragonfly perspective and then we got back to chinatown for dinner. We had a bus to Kuala Lumpur early the morning after so we got back to the hotel relatively early.

Day 3: after some days, check out the next stories ? , we eventually got back to Singapore with sometime to spare. We got a cheap hotel near the bay and, was dinner time, we quickly change and directed ourselves to a famous food court to eat something local and have a nice cold beer (alchol is expensive!). We then had a walk to the Merliot, a half mermaid half lion statue symbol of Singapore, to get a full view of the marina bay sands; we always got to see the city FROM there and never actually the oppsite.

After a walk to the gardens and a quick night of sleep we packed up, checked out, left the luggage in the hotel and went to see if we could get to the famous Skywalk, spoiler: we were able to.

got the ticket, the elevator and we were up. The different perspective from the top of the trees was astonishing, we goot some wonderful photo with the trees, the marina bay, the gardens etc..

We had just a lunch left and what better way to finish than a Michelin starred restaurant? Singapore is the home of the cheapest michelin starred restaurant in the world, awarded in 2016, Liao Fan Hawkers Chan. It started as a street food vendor and after the award for his soy sauce chicken and rice it expanded a lot but kept the price almost the same. We got 2 plates of the famous meal and some noodles for as little as about 12€, definitely worth a try!

Time to get back, taxi to the airport, change, wash up a bit, check in and got on the plane.

Last surprise, we were overbooked and got a free upgrade to premium economy, way more space, wine and a menu, thanks British Airways <3

And for Singapore, that's it..

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