Know About the Best Places to Visit in Central Park


No matter whether you have met each other through mutual friends, you both have swiped right or you both are school sweetheart, we understand that planning a perfect proposal is never an easy task. That’s why we are here so that we can tell you about the most amazing places in Central Park where you can express your heartfelt emotions. And of course, you should propose the lady of your dreams or your Mr. Right in the most romantic ways so that you have an exciting story to tell your children.

If you want to show your partner that you actually care, you can arrange the best NYC horse carriage ridesand can express your feeling under the bed of stars instead of some boring restaurant. And if you are thinking why Central Park, it’s because it is the most romantic parks in the world where the most amazing movies and TV series have been shot. So, let’s get started.

· Bow Bridge: The reason that we have mentioned Bow Bridge on the top of our list because this is not just one of the most romantic places in Central Park but it’s also the most photographed one. All in all, this place is perfect for your “Instagrammable” photos.

· Cherry Hill: If you want the view of Bow Bridge but don’t want to express your feeling there, you can choose Cherry Hill. This place is perfect for people who are planning a sweet picnic proposal.

· Central Park Ice Rink: If you want to do something exciting, you can plan a unique proposal in an Ice Rink because it’s less crowded.

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